Security Solutions

AIS offers comprehensive services for managing network security, application security, governance and compliance, and other critical IT security needs.


Cloud Computing

Is your business cloud-enabled? AIS offers Cloud and SaaS solutions for a smooth transition.


Mobility Solutions

Productivity can’t slip just because your workforce is on the go. Empower your mobile workers with instant access to their data and the latest mobile technology on the market.


Smarter Infrastructure

Service management and service delivery solutions provide the open visibility you need to optimize business performance.


About AIS

Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS) is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences using best-in-class technology as the springboard. We are recognized as a Premier IBM Business Partner with offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Across industries and markets, AIS is a leader in providing service management, service delivery and security solutions.

AIS specializes in delivering tightly integrated technology-enabled business solutions that help our customers become more cost-efficient and competitive. Our customers include corporations in the aerospace, automobile, banking, distribution, health care, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, petroleum, technology, telecommunications, travel, and utility industries, as well as state and local governments.


April 2017 – If you’re using ‘free’ tools that come with a vendor’s Enterprise Agreement, consider augmenting your existing solution’s discovery and patch capabilities with an industrial strength software catalog and usage analysis tool to address software compliance across all platforms – Windows, Mac, and *nix.  Couple this approach with a process work flow engine […]