AIS Partners with SecurIT

AIS is excited to announce our new reseller relationship with SecurIT.  SecurIT’s TrustBuilder software provides a configurable Authentication and Signing Broker which integrates seamlessly with IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM), enhancing the platform with it comprehensive set of out-of-the-box services, through a set of published interfaces.


For over ten years, TrustBuilder has been solving client needs for enterprise strong authentication and transaction validation. The TrustBuilder solution makes it easy for companies to move beyond IDs and passwords and instead use something stronger to protect access to their systems. As passwords become more vulnerable, TrustBuilder can help clients exploit strong authentication technologies.

The TrustBuilder solution from SecurIT provides a versatile authentication server capable of handling enterprise authentication needs. Instead of rewriting custom authentication logic for each application, TrustBuilder allows you to reuse and manage authentication centrally. TrustBuilder is the world leading Security Services solution, uniquely combining Versatile Authentication, Adaptive Access Control, mobile token services, and Transaction Validation; all controlled by a Policy Engine. Reusing authentication over and over again for Web Access solutions, SSO tools, VPNs, Portals, applications, and federation environments, is desirable and may save deployment time. Most importantly, when authentication needs change in the future, you want a flexible architecture that allows you to quickly support any new technologies.

Mobile devices have turned into commodity appliances. We use them daily to access mail and social networks and to stay tuned to anything that is happening in the world. A recently announced new Smartphone App (TrustFactor) allows the Smartphone to be a key to enterprise authentication. 
With TrustFactor you can now also leverage your mobile device to improve security when carrying out sensitive transactions on the internet. TrustBuilder, along with the TrustFactor companion App for Mobile devices, offers a simple user experience with truly unique functionality using the device as an additional factor for browser-based transactions or to secure mobile applications.