Instructor Reviews

The following quotes were collected from recent AIS Student Evaluations:

Please provide feedback regarding your instructor’s performance?¬†How did they do?

  • “Our instructor was very knowledgeable and answered questions as they came up. He stayed late until we were all finished, each day. He gave helpful links for additional help. He knew a lot about our environments and helped in letting us know what we would basically have and those areas within the Console which our establishment did not have and/or whatever additional classes we could take offered by IBM to further assist us.”
  • “Instructor knows the product thoroughly. He used the slides as a guide but he wasn’t glued to the slides. He was able to be extemporaneous. Also we had access to our environments so we were able to ask him real world scenarios and get his input.”
  • “Instructor was phenomenal in teaching this class. Beyond helpful when answering questions and articulated the curriculum in an engaged, comprehensive way that was easy to grasp.”
  • “Instructor is very knowledgeable on all topics pertaining to the solution and was able to provide useful insight to our real-world questions and issues.”
  • “The instructor did a great job managing lecturing material and lab work in the time allotted for the class, and he was very knowledgeable regarding the material. Also, he was not a boring speaker! He kept the interests of the students.”
  • “The instructor is most excellent. He is clear, does not go off on tangents and keeps to the course as designed. He is also very good at helping out where and when needed.”
  • ‘He is very knowledgeable about the entire product suite, and has excellent presentation skills.”
  • “He is one of the best instructors I’ve had. Super knowledgeable and engaging.”