If the problem is x + 2 = 4, the solution is obvious to most.   However, we know you are not here seeking a solution to that problem.  The problems you must resolve are far more complex with multiple variables, dependencies and unknowns, leading to numerous scenarios that may lead to a resolution.  And you likely have the added pressure and constraints of limited resources, multiple stakeholders and unenviable delivery deadlines to derive and implement the best solution.   Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS) specializes in finding and delivering the best solutions to numerous, complex enterprise-class IT problems every day.

Perhaps you are grappling with some of these issues:

  • Lowering the cost of your IT infrastructure while accelerating the delivery of innovative products and services
  • Ensuring that your company is compliant with software licensing across multiple sites and networks
  • Managing increasing numbers of IT devices, both stationary and mobile, across the globe with multiple connection types and varying statuses
  • Providing a self-service application to your users that is highly responsive, secure from data theft and intentional attack, which is regulatory compliant

AIS can help you overcome these enterprise IT challenges and many, many more.   Glance at the solutions we are providing our customers today.   Chances are that you are already dealing with similar challenges that our customers have relied upon us to overcome.  Please contact us so we may begin solving problems for you today.