Cloud Based Solutions

Over the years, AIS has helped hundreds of companies to design and implement traditional in-house solutions to monitor, manage and secure their IT assets.  Most of these solutions were implemented successfully and many are still in use today; however, over the past few years, due to budget cutbacks and increased pressure on existing IT departments, there has been a noticeable increase in operational issues with these solutions.  Upgrades are often pushed to the back-burner as other projects garner more money and attention.  Application Support Specialists and Systems Administrators have been promoted, have retired, or have moved on to pursue other opportunities and their responsibilities are often being absorbed by existing staff members.  When replacement personnel are hired they often receive little to no formal training and the existing solution documentation is woefully out of date.   These solutions are literally beginning to age in place because it’s just plain hard and expensive to manage and maintain in-house solutions.

As a result, AIS is beginning to offer cloud-based solutions that will help to alleviate the problems introduced with traditional in-house solutions.  Our cloud solutions will help you to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and will help your company to implement our solutions more quickly and effectively, with improved manageability and less maintenance.

Primary Benefits of AIS Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Easy implementation and launch. Our cloud-based solutions are up and running much faster than our traditional, in-house solutions
  • Minimal IT involvement. AIS will work with your IT department to integrate the new solution into your existing IT infrastructure and that’s it. There is no maintenance or ongoing task that requires any IT knowledge or expertise
  • Scalable as your company’s needs change
  • Fixed monthly subscription fees
  • AIS will perform the solution upgrades and software maintenance tasks

By employing our cloud-based solutions, your company will be flexible and cost efficient and will easily respond to changing market needs, internal demands, and the arrival of new technologies. AIS will help keep you ahead of the game when it comes to our solutions allowing your company to focus on your core business capabilities and requirements.

Please look at our new ACORN offering as a glowing example of an AIS cloud-based solution!