Mobile Management

Mobile devices, applications and patterns of access are changing the way organizations interact with their customers, employees and partners. Across the globe, organizations are using growing mobile capabilities to capture new opportunities and transform business models while extending their existing capabilities for use anywhere, anytime. In the process, however, they face the need to implement new processes for managing mobile devices, applications and access—and for safeguarding their mobile organization against threats.

That’s because mobility—whether on a secure corporate virtual private network (VPN) or a public wi-fi hotspot—involves behaviors, technologies and threats that are different from those encountered in an office environment. Some of these unique challenges include:

  • Mobile devices are used in more locations outside the office.
  • Mobile devices and the applications they support are diverse.
  • Mobile devices have become the primary interaction channel for many users.
  • Mobile devices are shared and have multiple personas.
  • Mobility prioritizes the user experience.

In today’s mobile enterprise, secured access is a key business enabler, allowing employees to safely take advantage of the benefits that smart mobile devices offer. User behaviors, technical vulnerabilities and rapidly evolving threats pose challenges, but organizations can achieve protection and reliability by aligning security measures with their operational priorities. They can achieve an affordable and manageable solution with a phased approach that assimilates mobile security into existing technologies and the organizational culture.