Mobile Security

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, enable increasing numbers of employees to work “anywhere, anytime.” The security of enterprise data is a key concern, particularly on mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen. The security risk is further heightened by the proliferation of employee-owned mobile devices in many enterprises.  Today increasing numbers of employees have their own mobile devices and want to use them for business purposes. The diversity of devices that employees are bringing to work adds complexity to the IT organization and puts corporate data at risk. Many mobile devices and platforms are targeted at consumers and consequently lack enterprise-grade security. When considering mobile security, you will want to look at:

  • Access control, which may include passcode locks
  • Data protection, such as encryption
  • Malware prevention

Practically speaking, it is very difficult to prevent employees from using personal mobile devices for businesses purposes. IT professionals can get ahead of this trend by establishing set policies and procedures, regarding what content are allowed to be accessed on these devices, how it will be accessed and how the organization will handle lost or stolen devices that may contain business data.

The increasing use of smartphones and tablet computers as business tools has brought organizations and their employee’s new levels of productivity, flexibility and mobility. But their use is a double-edged sword, bringing with it new levels of complexity to IT management and security.  AIS and IBM provide you the products and services to effectively manage and secure these devices.