Enterprise Asset Management

Assets – capital, tangible, intangible, physical or virtual – provide the foundation for all enterprises from which value is generated.  Your company’s physical or enterprise assets may include buildings, properties, manufacturing plants, fleets, transportation systems, medical devices, power plants, and all the components therein.   If you have charge of these critical assets, you also have the responsibility to ensure these assets are available, optimally utilized, reliable, safe, and managed cost effectively.   To put it succinctly – you need to maximize the return on your asset investment.   Your challenges or objectives may include –

  • Increasing asset utilization
  • Improving management of the asset lifecycle with higher quality, real-time data
  • Reducing maintenance costs while accelerating maintenance response and repair
  • Lowering energy consumption and costs
  • Gaining better visibility and control over key assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance

AIS provides the advanced solutions to meet these asset management goals with a combination extensive experience and IBM Asset Management solutions that will derive the maximum value from your enterprise assets.   Case in point – AIS is designing a solution today to ensure one of America’s largest high speed rail projects fulfills its objectives to maximize the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the system.   Contact AIS and we will help you maximize the value of your enterprise assets.